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Car Care 2.0 – Radiantly clean, thanks to dry ice technology

Dry ice is one of the most modern methods of cleaning. No wonder, because after all, all kinds of surfaces can be cleaned gently and effectively with this. The dry ice is characterized by the fact that it even provides cleaner results than all sorts of other methods. In addition, you always have the advantage that it does not require other chemical additives and is therefore harmless in terms of the environment. Thus, the use of a dry ice machine for cleaning has prevailed especially in the field of car care. You can find out what you need to know and pay attention to here.

What is dry ice

Dry ice got its name because of its appearance. In fact, it is reminiscent of typical ice blocks. However, this is solidified CO2, which is conveyed by the use of the dry ice machine for cleaning by means of pressure. The pellets made of dry ice ensure that any impurities on a wide variety of surfaces are brittle and accordingly dissolved quickly and easily. Thus, the use of dry ice is actually a part of Car Care 2.0 and finally produces impressive results without much effort.

How dry ice is used for car care

Most car care companies already provide you with dry ice cleaning. This is also obvious, because in fact the cleanest results can be achieved in this way. Thus, the cleaning method is used in many areas of car care. The focus is on cleaning the seat covers. After all, this often presents you with various challenges. Especially stubborn dirt can usually not be solved so easily here. With the dry ice machine for cleaning, however, this is a thing of the past.

In this way, the most diverse covers are simply treated and then shine in new splendor. But also in other areas of your car the use is worthwhile. So you can use dry ice to get the cockpit going and ensure cleanliness as on the first day. In the end, cleaning is not only more efficient, but also more cost-effective. Because of the fast results without much effort, dry ice has proven itself especially in the field of car care. In addition to the interior of your car, even the mechanical interior, such as the engine, can be completely cleaned with the solidified CO2.

Dry ice for your own use: what you need to keep in mind

As a rule, cleaning by means of dry ice is carried out by experts. This has the advantage that they know exactly how to handle the machine. Nevertheless, dry ice cleaning is also becoming increasingly popular in the home sector. Here, however, as a layman, you have to pay attention to a few things. The focus is on safety precautions. Because if these are not hit, there is an acute health risk for you. Thus, the dry ice displaces the oxygen from the air during use – here there is a risk of suffocation. More than that, cold burns can occur without proper protection.

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